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Axis Virtual - Parenting Teens Summit

Sign up today for this FREE Christian online conference for parents available until February 15.

40+ Amazing apeakers will provide tips and encouragement to help you and your teens build lifelong faith.

The goal of this online conference is to help you help your students build lifelong faith in Jesus. We’ve turned our three part formula for building lifelong faith in your teens into our categories for this summit:

★ Know Their Culture

(Pop-culture, teen culture, & technology)

★ Connect the Generations

(Parenting, life stages, and other advice)

★ Develop Their Hearts

(On the most vital topics teens should think about).

Experts will cover topics like

  • Sports & Social Media - Jason Romano
  • Social Media Best Practices for Parents - Dr. Walt Mueller
  • Sexuality in the Next Generation - Juli Slattery
  • Screens & Teens - Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Parenting the Love Languages - Dr. Gary Chapman
  • Stewarding the Hear of Your Child - John Eldredge
  • Pleasure, Purpose, and Truth - Dr. Ravi Zacharias
  • Why are Teens Drawn to Pornography? - Chris Bruno
  • How to Pray for Your Teens - Sally Burke
  • Intellectual, Intuitive, and Social - Dr. Timothy Keller

See all of the speakers and topics:



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