VIEW: Skills to Teach and Concepts to Introduce in Kindergarten


Self & Family



Fine Motor Skills
Resources to trace and cut!



Individual worksheets as well as entire units!



Flashcards, coloring books, tracing, lapbooking and more.


Flashcards, tracing, coloring, counting and more!


Flashcards & calendar materials to teach days of the week, months and concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 



Flashcards & Worksheets

Resources to learn basic shapes



Resources to learn basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, gray, brown, black and gray



Making Comparisons
Big/Small, Long/Short, Colors, Shapes


Resources to help teach your early learners classification skills.

Learn to Read Books
10 beginning cvc books
Rebus Stories
Phonics/Word Work
Discover a large number of resources for letter sounds, blends, digraphs, flip books, word wheels and more.
Dr. Seuss Resources
Learning activities for several of your favorite Dr. Seuss books!


Read it! Draw it! Write it!
Thematic units in which students, read, draw & write

Learning Numbers & Number Words
Resources to learn numbers, number words, posters, counters and number lines.

Also includes "skip counting" resources!
Learning about Time: Months, Days & Telling Time
Resources to learn about time: Days of the Week, months, telling time, am & pm.

1" Dashed  Lines

1" Dashed  Lines

1" Dashed  Lines

1" Dashed  Lines

3/4" Dashed  Lines
3/4" Dashed  Lines
3/4" Dashed  Lines
3/4" Dashed  Lines
1/2" Dashed  Lines
1/2" Dashed  Lines


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